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**SOME TIPPING [SUGGESTIONS](** Will do it like last time... Those of you who submit great charities or causes that need donations will receive higher gifts from me and have it added to this text! :D Those of you who just want the charity of your own pockets to expand still say Hi :) 100 bits for the first 500 comments! | | | | |-|-|-| [The Water Project]( | [The Internet Archive]( | [Tor Exit Nodes]( [Wikimedia]( | [Aphasia Institute]( | [GPG Tools]( [Seans Outpost]( | [Water Aid]( | [Technology for kids]( [Bitpesa]( | [Edward Snowden Defense]( | [National Law Enforcement Burial services]( [The Wounded Warrior Project]( | [The TOR Project]( | [Candian Down Syndrome Society]( [Childs Play]( | [War Child]( | [Blender Open Source]( [RNLI]( | [Khan Academy]( | [Alzeimer's Association]( [Save The Trees]( | [New Technology to Cure Hunger]( | [Ending Poverty]( [Save The Seas]( | [Without Regrets]( | [Linux Foundation]( [Make a millionaire]( | [Protect The Earth]( | [Doctors of the World UK]( [Songs Of Love]( | [Non-Profit Tech Resources]( | [Fight Cancer]( [Bitcoin Research Comparables]( | [United Way]( | [Engineers without Borders]( [MAPS]( | [Mesothelioma Research]( | [Bone Marrow Help]( [The Virtual Doctor Project]( | [Bitcoin Against Ebola](!/) | [Childrens Medical Center of Dallas]( [Education]( | [The Planetary Society]( | [Bread For The City]( [Give A Mile]( | [Stop Domestic Violence]( | [Shriners Hospital For Children]( [Fight Malaria]( | [Help Foster Kids]( | [Caritas]( [Womens Centre]( | [Save The Children Ebola Fund]( | [OK Foster Wishes]( [Legalise Marijuana]( | [Anza]( | [Help Kids]( [LibreOffice]( | [Mozilla Foundation]( | [Darkcoin Foundation]( [United Sikhs]( | [Cancer Support]( | [Operation Fistula]( [BitGive Foundation]( | [WikiLeaks]( | [Hotspot Community Resource Center]( []( | [Free Software Foundation]( | [The Poker Players Alliance]( [Saving Girls]( | [Electric Frontier Foundation]( | [Reporters Without Borders]( [The Tenth Amendment Center]( | [Young Minds]( | [The Bitcoin Foundation]( [GPG Project]( | [Apache Software Foundation]( | [The Food Democracy](