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Last night, my mom texted me and told me my uncle passed away. He had been battling mesothelioma for a year or so and it got worse. He was put in the ICU last week and they ended up taking him off life support last night. Obviously I’m very sad. I wasn’t too close with this uncle, but he was the only person in my mom’s extended family that wasn’t a toxic, fucked up person and seemed pretty sane and well-adjusted. You know those morbidly obese, vulgar, white trash people who ride scooters around Walmart and are so disgustingly fat they can’t get jobs? That is literally every other person in my mom’s family save for her and my late uncle. Both my mom and I are embarrassed to be related to them. The worst part is none of them care that they are 500 pounds apiece and live destructive lifestyles. I know it’s terrible to wish death on another person but I secretly wish my other uncle — who is a severely brain damaged, self-destructive and all around useless cunt who blows his social security on pop (soda here in Pittsburgh) and lottery tickets and abuses my aunt because she won't buy him pop — was the one who died instead. Why did the good one have to die?? Everyone in my family loved the uncle who passed, but no one likes the still living uncle. So much so that my grandma called my aunt an idiot for marrying him (can't say I blame her). That and I am just heartbroken for my 3-year-old cousin. He just lost his beloved grandpa. Poor kid. My mom had the balls to end her text with "please say a prayer for him." Uhhh, mom you KNOW I don't believe in that anymore. Besides, you want me to pray to the God who gave him cancer and let him die but let that useless retard who beats my aunt survive? Um, hard pass! A God who lets that happen does not deserve my prayers. I just don’t understand why God (if he indeed exists) lets the assholes live longer than the good ones. It’s just not fair!