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Hello fellow med school Hopefuls, as the title suggests I am building a 2-year strategy with the ultimate goal of apply for Medical School in June 2020. I am going start by giving you some background of my situation, resume, and application as it stands now. Then I'll post the questions that I have been trying to answer and think about by talking to any MD, Healthcare Professional, Pre-Med Student, Current Medical School Student and New Medical School applicants. Lastly I will the post the loosely, outlined plan I have developed so far. I greatly appreciate any and all advice. THANKS! I am a recent College graduate, Class of 2017, with a BS in Biology and minor in Biochem. I graduated with an underwhelming GPA 3.3-3.4 with minimal extracurriculars. I was involved with research in an Ecology for over a year and mesothelioma research for another year. Since graduating I have been working at a Biopharma company in LA that is one of the first FDA-approved Cellular Therapies in the world. While working in industry, I have reflected much on what I want from a career and recently decided to pursue Medical School. My company has brought in many of the Cancer Survivors that have been "cured" by my company's therapy and I have been inspired to have a greater more direct impact on the world through clinical research and practicing medicine as a physician. I recognize that there is a long road ahead of me but I am taking it one stage at a time. The first stage starts here, the development of my plan of action. Below are some questions I have been thinking about and trying to answer: 1. Should I take courses to boost GPA or show diverse interests? 2. Will my current work experience be valued by Admission Committees? a. Is there a way to speak with Admission Committee Members Directly? (other than getting lucky with a cold call or email) 3. What can I do the next two years to boost application? 4. What are exposure opportunities to the medical field that fortify my passion and pursuit to become a doctor? 5. What would be best for my application in terms of employment? Staying in current position Job in clinical setting Clinical Research position Basic Research position Research Position in private industry 6. How long and how much should I focus on the MCAT with my GPA? 7. Best Study Materials and aids for the MCAT? 8. What schools should I target? Below is my loosely outlined Plan for 2018, I still have a lot more development to do: Summer 2018 • Volunteer at UCLA Santa Monica ER (Already started enrolled and training) • Volunteer with Coach & Art (Mentor program with children with chronic illness) • Shadow Physcians (preferably surgeons) • Research and inquire about new position in a Clinical setting, Clinical research or Basic Research ( Anesthesia Support Tech, Perfusion Support Tech, Circulation Support Tech, Medical Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator / Associate, Research Associate at Academic Institution/Private Industry ) • Explore Opportunity to volunteer abroad or with specific mission programs • Gather knowledge from those applying this cycle • Gather study materials for MCAT Fall 2018 • Continue to Volunteer at UCLA SM ER • Continue to Volunteer with Coach & Art (mentor program with children with chronic illness) • Continue to Shadow Physicians (preferably surgeons) • Apply to new position researched in Summer 2018 • Possibly participate in volunteer abroad or specific mission programs between new positions Winter 2018 • Continue to Volunteer at UCLA SM ER or move to another department (possibly take a leave of absence to reflect) • Continue to Volunteer with Coach & Art (possibly to a break to reflect) • Continue to Shadow Physicians (preferably surgeons) • Reflect on application and medical field • Write first draft of personal statement • Write first draft of application Take what you wish from the information I have given. I am looking to just open up discussion about what someone like me can do to maximize their chances to get into Medical School. I want to leave no stone unturned, r/premed is one stone. Thanks to those who read this rant and/or contribute to it further. Good Luck to you all!