Mesothelioma Information   SUBMIT

Hello All, I recently discovered this sub and I am in awe of the care and compassion you all have for one-another. In May of 2017 my father was diagnosed with Stage III Mesothelioma Lung Cancer. He is 65 years old, my mother is 63. I am 24 years old and I continue to help my family as much as I can. I support my parents with providing them with their monthly groceries as well as their health insurance. I myself am engaged and bought a house around the corner from my parents with my fiancee in September in order to continually get my father to treatments and instruct my mother how to help him as well as how / when to administer the meds while I am at work. We had planned on my fiancee moving in with my parents and I, however my mom and dad agreed that "life should continue as normally as possible" and urged us to purchase a house and start our lives together. I have been doing all I can for extra money, driving for Lyft and Uber while my assistance is not needed, as well as having a few .0XX of BitCoin trading, leaving the initial investment on the exchange and taking same small profits here and there for all the many many expenses that continue to add up. In November my CoinBase / GDAX account was hacked and my account (worth roughly $3k) was drained. I can go into more detail if requested, however that is not the purpose of this post. My parents are struggling to keep their house and pay their utilities (We live in the North East, suburbs of Philly) as am I since I can not let my family suffer alone. Any contribution you are able to make to help my parents, myself, and my fiancée keep our heads above the water would be so appreciated. I have to stop my mother from crying each night from the depression and sadness of this disease and financial hardship. I have to do the same for my father, both behind each-others backs because they do not want to worry or scare one another. All while I am taking care of their finances, as well as mine and my fiancees. Below you can find a BitCoin address. I thank you in advance for any and all contributions you are able to make. If any further proof or information is needed, I will happily submit it. Thank you all! Happy Holidays and God Bless! BTC Address: 3JyaJ6fbEb25gb63AY4nhQXYhndHXnLrZt