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I posted this thread yesterday, and there was some great discussion in the comments/tips/things to add. A lot of people even reached out to me and asked where to start. When I went to edit some images in, I learned the hard way that puush isn't a popular screenshot tool/site 'round these parts.' With the post removed, I decided to add a lot to it, and give some direction along with what I've learned. #BridgeTheDivide2018 ____________   ::**A Prelude, Why Branch Out? | Longpost Warning**   I set out to learn how to be an effective brid a while ago, as the risk and intensity of it really brings a rush. Thanks st0ney. While edgeville PKing has a larger following, I never really liked the idea of "honor" PKing. PvP was supposed to be no-honor; you do whatever you can to secure a kill and survive, be that praying, eating, DDing, or running the fuck away. People higher level than you? Sure, shoot them. People lower level than you? Sure, soot them. Looking into the NH scene, it became evident to me that I really wanted to learn just how these guys do it. It has easily been the most rewarding thing I've ever done in OSRS. 1v1 bridding is *REALLY* fucking hard, and, when you're not ragging, you're risking 500k-1+m, imbued cape, and ddefender. I died (and die) a lot to even secure my first decent 1v1 kill. It takes time and lots of effort. And dying. A lot of dying. But my god does it feel fantastic. A ton of adrenaline, way way WAY more sense accomplishment than any of my raids kc, and some cool experiences were had within my first hour in the wilderness. ANYTHING can happen in the wilderness, because it isn't scripted like olm. The drops could be anything. It is so frustratingly difficult at times, and yet so hilariously fun. Skilling and PvM deal with AI interaction, where PKing is WAY more unpredictable due to player interaction. Branching out a bit has led me to enjoy the game so much more. In the end, I just wanted to effortpost to explain to some people why they *should* give NH(no honor) or deep-wildy PKing a try, and why those people go out of their way to kill everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, virginity status, or wealth. The following is a bit of knowledge I've picked up along the way.   ______   ::**How to start, resources, and guides**   There are a few paths to take when starting to PK. Baby pures can be made [really easily]( and risk literally 100-300k, while being able to fight a ton of people and practice your casts on people botting green drags or whatever. A lot of the people in this combat bracket are relatively inexperienced, and the time investment isn't much at all! But, for those that want to dip their toes into the extreme basics before diving in... To some, a main is the only account they want to work on and maintain. While main PKing is generally more expensive, it is also more forgiving in terms of incorrect prays. Competition with higher level mains can be stiff, but enjoyable, if you **FIND THE FIGHTS THAT YOU WANT**. Situational awareness is key. Learn what you can and can't handle. DHide is overpowered as fuck, and mage is naturally a bit weak due to it. Protect from item always. Run from sure death. **Here are some good starter resources for you, besides the baby pure video above.** - [The Beginner Guides]( - [Locations]( - [The Process]( The essential basis of NH/No Honor PKing/Deep Wildy PKing/bridding/SomeoneNeedsToPickANameFFS^in^my^ShitOpinion comes down to minimizing damage taken, and maximizing damage output. While this may seem relatively straightforward, I assure you that it is not. Prayer prioritization helps you reduce some damage, but, if you're only focusing on prayers, they will be able to focus less on their pray, deal more damage to you, and ultimately bust the lightbulb that is your brain. If you focus too much on dealing damage by switching combat styles, they're going to play your prayers like a violin, leading to more euthenasia. Min-Max, find your balance, get good at muscle memory and hot keys, and take some advice from the above videos. In some instances, the choice is to gamble your +1 and use a brew, or accept death and save your +1. Figure out what your most valuable item is, and focus on never dying with 0 prayer. Once you're able to consistently keep it, think about upgrading your +1 to something a bit... pricier. Join a discord, ask questions, and don't be afraid to be bad. Everyone was at one point. And if you exp waste, just practice your 3/4 way switches. Get that muscle memory on point.   ________   ::**The experience, tips, and brainloot thus far**   - "I'm bad" is NOT an excuse to avoid trying it. Branch out a little, get some spice into the game. PvM and skilling aren't all that this game has to offer. We were all fucking HORRIBLE at one point. Tbf I still am compared to some of the actives. - **YOU CAN DO BOTH.** PvP and PVMing are not mutually exclusive. At any given point, you can drop your cox, grab your sox, and go do ANYTHING IN THIS GAME. Diversifying is a great way to keep playing fresh and interesting. EHP take a back seat so I can enjoy logging in. - Dying happens. It isn't the end of the world. Don't get discouraged. Go back to vorkath, be a big boy, grind for half an hour, and go die again. You learn a lot from losing. - It doesn't have to be alone. Learn with a friend, go sit on the tourny worlds or clan wars. There's tons of fantastic resources online to help give you a head start. You can even find many experienced people willing to head out with you and duo in singles/multi. - Its october for fucks sake. Go be spooky pk man. - The learning curve is large. Very large. Ron Jeremy sized. Don't let this discourage you, let it motivate you. - You never know what someone is risking. Really, REALLY strange shit happens in the wildy; I've seen naked men drop *millions* before while saying "I dont risk anything lol off shit retard." Don't take it personally when someone kills you, but everyone really is a loot pinata. - You don't need a specific account build or to be maxed to secure kills. Maxed 88 pures think they have the advantage against your level 107 incomplete main, but defense really does help. A lot. Use this to your advantage. Keep training, questing, and setting goals, but bridding isn't reserved for max main, med, zerk, rune, or pure accounts. Get your prays right, and the black dhide will carry you the rest of the way because it is so fucking broken. - The flameouts you get are fantastic. I've learned words I've never heard before. Infinifag is my favorite thus far. - Being a little shitstain can be a lot of fun, running around hue hueing while killing some clue hunter may feel scummy at times, but, in an MMO**RPG**, roleplaying the bad guy feels really good. Sometimes they drop huge loot, and, other times, you feel bad for wasting someone's 10 minutes. Then you remember that you're a bad guy, and that is OK. - The community is amazing. Well, save most of the pure clans. Those can get a bit... uh... toxic. Most people on this sub think that every PvPer is going to DOX, DDOS, and flame to kill them for a spade, but that really isn't the case. Most brids I've met have been nothing but helpful, giving tips and even practicing with me after a fight. Just reach out and ask for some tips. Some are toxic, but, I'd estimate no more toxic than the PvMers. - If someone is being retarded, toxic, annoying, or rude, just ignore it. **Or kill them.** This is the true joy of the wildy. The wild needs a lot of love and support before it is as (un)healthy as PvM. There are a lot of changes, fixes, and problems with it. I also feel that skilling needs more love. The polarizing communities and complete democracy of voting can REALLY isolate the minority players, which is not good. In the end though, I really have had a fuckload of fun learning to brid, and, despite some of the problems the wildy may have, it also isn't the implicitly racist, sexist, anti-theist, gay retard place that most people on this sub seem to think it is. It has tons of content. Give it a try, who knows.   __________   #::**TLDR** **Go try pvping. Its fun. You can make a lot of money. Killing people is an acquired taste for some. Mesothelioma might impact you or your loved ones.**   ::   ::   ::   ::Comment section replies and thoughts/Comment tac-ons >**I feel like if i try to pk itll be the same as having a drop party** - *It will be, because it isn't easy. You feed other PKers like an african prince at first; nothing worth having is easy to get. But, it is worth giving it a shot; you'll never know if you don't try! It is one of, if not THE only thing that isn't required for completion stuff. Everybody quests, everybody skills, everybody shoots for diaries, everybody grinds minigames. Learning to PK well takes a lot of time, and a large initial GP investment. This can turn a lot of people off. Imagine PKing like grinding any other skill that costs money. Does better gear mean you'll win? Not even close. OSRS PKing is so so SO far from pay to win. But once you invest enough time and effort and money and blood and semen and tears, it, like finishing a questline that requires a ton of skilling and PvM, unlocks an entirely new content area to keep you having fun. It could be your next favorite thing to do. Or you could say, meh, fuck it, I'll stick to X. In that case, at least you'll have an informed reason as to why you don't really PK. Until you try it though, you'll really never know.* >**TBH in my experience its the PvMers[/PKers] who are most toxic. A lot of pvmers[/PKers] at end game content can be elitist pricks over the smallest things.** - *It doesn't matter what group is most toxic, because they both can be. There's a huge disconnect between PKers and PvMers which is causing the game as a whole to suffer. Not all PKers are toxic, not all PvMers are toxic. Those are just the ones you see echochambered about in your [clan, subreddit, world, GE]. There aren't many posts about a kind PKer or a quietly dying PvMer. Those aren't interesting. Those aren't the people you remember. OSRS as a whole is toxic sometimes. That's just the way MMOs are. All of them. It doesn't matter what group 'is' or 'isn't', generalizing creates a rift, which hurts the game, ESPECIALLY in polls. Osrs is a total democracy. The majority wins. There is no minority support. The majority playstyle gets cool new content, while the minority playstyle suffers. As the minority playstyle never gets new content, less minority playstyle players log in, thus widening the divide. Stop calling each other toxic. PKers and PvMers are brother and sister under the OSRS stepfather. At the end of the day, we all play this shit game, and PvM elitism and PK elitism are both in the game. Pretending like they're separate entities entirely is so incredibly ignorant.* >**Most pvmers don't want to take on pking because it's simply too hard process for them. Zulrah you can easily memorise, but during pking you have to be constantly reacting and predicting. It's not wrong to like different things though. It's also the beauty of runescape. You can click the same tree for hours or you can learn to fight other people.** - *Or you can do both, and enjoy the game in a holistic manner. A lot of PvM focused players are ill informed about pking, what it is like, and why certain things happen. PKing (effectively) requires quests, skill grinds, funding from PvM etc., but those other aspects of the game never require PKing. Thus, many players never try it, and stick to what they know, never branching out due to fear or lack of knowledge. These, otherwise intelligent and competitive people, were never told some aspects and reasons to PK; after a while, avoiding PvP becomes natural, when I really believe that everyone could benefit from just trying it for a bit. It is the only thing in the game that you aren't forced to do in order to unlock items, or do certain things in combat. Hence parts of this post being an explanation as to why people should try it out. If a handful of people try PKing after this post and like it, I'll be happy. Those that still say nah, I'll stick to clicking trees, that's fine. Just know that there's other aspect to the game as well.*