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This shall be a long, detailed guide for completing these two challenges to unlock the "Stimulant Syringe" and "Concealed Rescue" Specializations. As a preface, let me say: What a sack of shit! If you are a stat-conscious player, be aware that your stats are going to take a nosedive, if you are doing all of this legitimately and not boosting any of it. My skill went from 650 to 448, and my KD from 4.23 to 4.17. **For any of the challenges that require a specific map, you should use the server browser and farm that map 24/7. Join, make progress, finish, leave, join the map again.** **Boosters**: Some of these challenges are unreasonable and I sympathize with you. If you take the easy way out, I genuinely don't blame you. 1. >>> **STIMULANT SYRINGE** <<< -Destroy 10 tanks on Amiens. Follow [this guide]( Warning: Scumbag move. You're going to spawnkill ten tanks on the A or F flag. Spawning in a tank and destroying it yourself does not give credit. I'm ashamed to admit I tried, but I did it on a complete wallop, so no real harm done. If you don't want to spawnkill them, you can lay them in front of their general path. The tanks on A and F spawn will go straight 99% of the time because they are not immediately presented with an option to go left or right, like the base spawns. As such, if you want to "give them a chance", you can lay mines ahead of their path. Should you choose to do so, use Dynamite to make a crater, then lay mines in the crater. Stack all three on top of themselves. They are much less likely to be detected and avoided by tank operators using this strategy. **Notice**: You can set and forget. Mines do not despawn when you die. I've heard you can lay six now with some update, but have not confirmed. If one of you confirms it, I'll update. **Bonus**: Work on your 5 debris kills here on Amiens while farming tanks. Details on that later. **Tank v. tank action** You can spawn in a tank and engage in tank-on-tank combat, but I'd caution against that as A) you have to get the killing blow B) enemy infantry might blow you up C) you might step on a landmine and not have LifeAlert. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may to be entitled to financial compensation. **Infantry v. tank action** Same risks as above: Enemy tanks might blow you up, enemy infantry might blow you up, etc. **BUT** be vigilant of enemy tanks while doing your Debris kills. You might just be able to snag one. The killer captcha here is that I'm assuming you have to get the killing blow, to get credit. I didn't ever *not* get the killing blow when I was killing tanks without mines, which I did twice, so I don't know. - 25 melee kills on Argonne Forest You should do this at the same time as 5 multi-kills on Monte Grappa and 100 shotgun kills on Ballroom Blitz. **Search Domination and set the maps to these three, play as appropriate**. When the match finishes, see if you can vote one of the three you need to get the next match and make some progress sequentially. Otherwise, **work on 100 shotgun kills first**. Okay so, after capturing a point, enemies are likely to come capture it. Use basic human psychology to your advantage. Capture a point, identify a nearby chokepoint, and stand at the ready. Listen for incoming footsteps. If you hear incoming footsteps, bayonet charge **around the corner**. They have virtually no chance of avoiding you. Aside from that, use bayonet charge liberally but tactfully. - 100 kills with Shotguns on Ballroom Blitz You should do this at the same time as 5 multi-kills on Monte Grappa and 25 melee kills on Argonne Forest. **Search Domination and set the maps to these three, play as appropriate**. When the match finishes, see if you can vote one of the three you need to get the next match and make some progress sequentially. Otherwise, **work on 100 shotgun kills first**. You don't want to play CQ or Ops because you're too prone to long -range deaths. You don't want TDM because people will camp the upper floor. The correct answer is Domination. Smallest map of all gametypes (favors shotguns), is Ballroom Blitz, and has the highest uptime of close quarter combat. - Perform 5 multi-kills on Monte Grappa You should do this at the same time as 25 melee kills on Argonne Forest and 100 shotgun kills on Ballroom Blitz. **Search Domination and set the maps to these three, play as appropriate**. When the match finishes, see if you can vote one of the three you need to get the next match and make some progress sequentially. Otherwise, **work on 100 shotgun kills first**. YMMV based on the way your lobby plays, but the TL;DR is: Capture a point, and lay dynamite strategically, covering the places people *are most likely to go to capture that point*. You're going to lay your dynamite and sit your happy ass somewhere *near* the objective and monitor its capture status. Pay attention to how fast it's being captured. If it's being captured *real fast*, there are 2+ enemies on the objective. Blow them bitches and hope to collect a multi-kill. Illustration incoming: A-flag: This objective is too wide and random. Do not deploy dynamite here. B-flag: I recommend [these spots]( C-flag: I recommend [these spots]( For reference on the C-flag, that's the trench in the capture zone closest to out of bounds. It's not the first trench with the door and stuff. Lay dynamite as you wish, but don't leave them out in the open where they can be seen and prompty destroyed. Huddle them against walls and such. After you realize that this challenge is just an elaborate game of laying traps and waiting for your enemies to run into your traps, this challenge is quite simple. I figure that these are the most common spots people like to go to capture those points because they seem to be the safest areas. -50 headshots on Nivelle Nights Miss me with that hoe shit famalam, skip this bitch and head straight to 5 debris kills. Also, this is near unobtainable if you wanted to do it anyway because TNSP servers are empty, a la inception of ITNOTT. #dicelogic #diceisthedumb -5 debris kills [on Amiens] You should do this at the same time as 10 tank kills on Amiens, as mentioned above. And really, this should be on Amiens because Amiens has the key to your Debris kills. So, on any second floor building - like the ones overlooking E, D, C, B, and A, keep an eye out for enemies in the windows. If you see an enemy in the window, shoot **BETWEEN** your enemy's window and the next window. Doesn't matter if left or right, just slam an AT rocket between a window, and boom - the roof collapses, you get a debris kill 90% of the time. That's literally it. Be vigilant, pre-aim, and if the roof is already collapsed, you're a bit boned. For reference, aim [here]( Shoot either of the two blue rectangles for maximum damage. If the walls are blown out, you *can* shoot the roof if some roof is left, but that's a bit dodgy with actually netting kills. **Definitely worth a try though, so do it.** Oh shit, you got Stimulant Syringe, one of two best medic perks! Opinion: Flak, Stimulant Syringe, and Concealed Rescue are the best perks to pick. My opinion is fact. 2. >>> **CONCEALED RESCUE** <<< This is where shit hits the fan because of FRG kills, but it's gooch, since I got you with tha guide, homie. It's really not gooch because even with the guide you still have soooo much more shit to wade through. - Heal allies for 10,000 damage If you even medic, just a little bit, you will get this. Pouch, not crate. Never, ever crate. -30 Savior kills If you even shoot, just a little bit, you will get this. Fedorov Avtomat is your friend. Mmmm, sweet baby, gimme dat fresh Kerenski skin! Fun fact: I only had enough scraps for one superior battlepack when the revision dropped... and... YAWREADY know ya boi got it. Be jealous. Now discard your jealousy because you're reading this sweet guide and can actually get this stupid shit. -50 Rifle Grenade kills So, this is the obvious outlier and toughy of the mix. It's going to bring you a lot of frustration, so brace for impact and get ready for it. So, be aware that up front 99% of players will have Flak equipped. This means no one-shots on enemy players, because as far as I can tell, the FRG deals 100 damage exactly. So, you're really doing 90 damage max. What I recommend is a bit of a double-tap: Fire the rifle grenade on an unaware opponent, then let your character remove the attachment and automatically switch back to primary weapon (**DON'T** press weapon switch button), and shoot your enemy once or twice (but not twice with the RSC, because that will kill them). The bullets you shoot should generously weaken them past 90 and the FRG should finish them off. YMMV. On to farming: Supply Drop was my theoretical best mode to farm this because enemies just huddle around crates, but in a sample size of 3 games, it just didn't work out at all. Not in the slightest. Can't really answer why. So I thought back to Operations, and I think Red Tide is the answer. You're going to team-swap based on what point the attackers are at for maximum grenades vs. campers, but this is my guide for FRG kills on Red Tide (specifically). For all other maps and modes, follow the double-tap rule I said earlier. Enemy scouts are your friend: They're dumb, oblivious, and hopefully not looking at you. Get in close, FRG, double-tap, and hopefully: Boom. The approximate earnings rate of me doing FRG on a full session of Red Tide was 15 FRG kills per full circuit, start to finish. This obviously means I only did 3 Red Tide, but I think it's good progress. I decided to go a bit above and beyond and compose a pretty rough draft-y challenge guide specifically for Red Tide, it's not put together too well but if you fancy a video guide with visuals to see all the chokes and angles and such, check it out [here]( Anyway, if you fancy the text version, here goes: *"Attack" means you should team-switch to Attackers, and vice versa. Sector 1 (A/B). Attack; flank A from far left. Sector 2 (A/B). Attack; flank A from far left. Sector 3 (A/B). Attack; flank B from far right. Volga complete; proceed to Tsaritsyn. Sector 1 (A/B). Defend; .....Defending A: Questionable. Sometimes enemies take foot in the building's second floor to the right, and sometimes they bunch up in the street. There is always foot traffic in the building right behind A, but it's difficult to safely bank the grenades to get kills. YMMV. .....Defending B: There's a very nice hallway you can look down from behind B. It's a building hallway of course. I'd just stare down there, I had some relative success there. Change your defense point as appropriate if one gets too little traffic from the enemy. Sector 2 (A/B). Defend; Again both are questionable. I don't have a specific grenade point for either of these, but if a support drops an ammo crate near the middle, you can endlessly fire grenades through the tunnel. I got a few occasional kills that way. Remember, if you have 0 FRG and you're near a crate, the crate will always immediately resupply you an FRG. So, exhaust all your FRG then just camp a crate for a steady income of FRG resupplies. Sector 3 (A). Attack or defend, but try to defend This is hard; I never really experienced this point for long without it being quickly ran over. Either way, there are two front hallways that enemies use the most - you can have some success banking FRGs in there when you suspect an enemy is in the hallway. You can certainly try attacking here and seeing if it works out. Sector 4 (A/B). Defend. A all the way, homie. [This]( is from the attacker's perspective coming out of the tunnel into the new sector. It's a huge choke point, and the area circled there is just an absolute goldmine of people stockpiled there. Every time I played this op, people were absolutely clusterfucked in there. Lots of easy kills, but bank it on the rightmost corner (from the picture's reference). - Earn 100,000 points Easy peasy... - 40 kills with Incendiary Grenades You're going to skip this because of the wild, wild inconsistency with Incendiary kills. People proning, people simply not dying, utter bullshit will all prevent you from getting that one kill you deserve, even if you weaken them a bit. Go FRG all the way. Best of luck and I hope this guide was helpful for you! Feedback: Please deliver here, via PM, or via message to XVI the Great over Xbox Live. Thanks!