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Hello everyone! I have a $25 dominos gift card I'd like to give out to someone in need (US ONLY!). I'm sitting here at my apartment, having a drink and thinking about life. ​ The holidays are always a bitter sweet time of the year for me and my family. 22 years ago, we said goodbye to a man I would give everything I own to have known better. My grandfather Joseph had mesothelioma and went thru a long painful battle which he eventually lost on Christmas Eve. I come from a very large family and we never had much. I was young at the time but I remember him being one of the hardest working people on earth. He had to support a family of 11 children working for the telephone company. It was his hard work and long hours that exposed him to the asbestos that eventually took his life. I tell you this story because for the first time since I started working, I'm in a comfortable position where I can afford to help and give back. It's people like my grandfather that worked so hard to improve the live's of his family that inspire me to try and do good in the World. On Saturday I turn 31, and with this new chapter of life, I hope to be able to give back even more. I know a $25 gift card isn't going to change anyone's life, but I hope at the very least it helps put a smile on someone in need's face during the holiday season. I would like to give this out to someone who genuinely needs it, and all I ask is that you one day, when you're able, pay it forward. It doesn't have to be a pizza, a gift card or anything of real value. Just pay it forward, make someone happy in any way you can. I know I'm kind of rambling at this point, but please don't hesitate and make a post! Post your story, or your favorite pet pic, or your favorite song, anything! I'll try to pick someone quick because I don't how much longer I'll be awake :p Thanks for reading!