Mesothelioma Information   SUBMIT

To update: my father not only found an awesome law firm but is being cared for by a leading mesothelioma specialist. Specialist paid for by navy. I’ll never feel it’s ok what the navy did but at least they’re doing the best they can now. And to anyone who Thinks negatively of me for being angry and lashing out at anyone (including the navy) Because I thought my dad was being attacked....stay away from all my posts. You are not doing me any favors with anything you have to give or say. Your contributions is most def NOT wanted. If you have no compassion for grieving individuals and can’t understand and sympathize with the many different complex emotions they face with such a deadly and brutal diagnosis ( with almost no hope of survival) then you have no business around terminally ill patients and their families. You Def should not be on a cancer support subreddit. anyone with a loved one with cancer is free to message me to vent. You dont have to feel ashamed for crying nor do you have to filter your anger.